JugiMap is an application for creating 2D game maps.


The latest version: 0.97 beta (23.11.2020)

Download JugiMap for 64-bit Windows OS: jugimap0.97beta.zip

A list of changes: version history

JugiMap Framework

JugiMap Framework is a 2d framework for using JugiMap maps in game development engines. The framework provides interface for programming games in engine independent way. If an engine provides features which are not supported in JugiMap framework you can still access and manipulate the engine objects directly.

Currently supported languages: c++

Currently supported engines: Cocos2d-x, AGK-tier 2, SFML and nCine

JugiMap Framework: https://github.com/Jugilus/JugimapFramework

User documentation

Demo examples

Framework Demo Parallax Scrolling Sprite timeline animation GUI demo

Source code and map files for the editor are available for all examples.



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