JugiMap is an application for creating 2D game maps.


The latest version: 0.94 beta (18.12.2019)

Download JugiMap for 64-bit Windows OS: jugimap0.94beta.zip

For changes see version history.

JugiMap API

JugiMap API is a library for using JugiMap maps in game development engines. It supports all JugiMap features and provides a consistent, generic way of using JugiMap scenes in custom game projects. The API is documented and comes with an extensive practical example.

Currently supported languages: c++

Currently supported engines: Cocos2d-x, AGK-tier 2, SFML and nCine

Get JugiMap API from GitHub.

API documentation.

Web build example: Api Demo Test.

Email: jugiweb@jugilus.com

Join JugiMap Discord channels.