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Version history:

v0.92 Beta
- NEW & IMPROVED: Overhauled source graphics management with new set of tools for editing source sprites properties: frame images, handle point, collision shapes and custom properties.
- NEW: Composed sprites - sprite groups which behave like single sprites.
- NEW: Sprite frame animation.
- NEW: Overhauled API with JugiMap Framework introduced for easier integration with game development software - currently available for AGK tier 1 and tier 2.
- A lot of other smaller improvements.

v0.88 Beta
- NEW: Sprite sheet generating tool. Generated sprite sheet images have sub-images parsed automatically via supplemented cfg file. Additionally it is possible to convert sprite sheet cfg files from third party tools (currently only AGK cfg files are supported).
- NEW: Loading and exporting maps in Tiled TMX map format. Only Tiled maps with orthogonal orientation can be loaded and not all map elements can be converted.
- NEW: Spine sprites can now be added to source graphics.
- NEW: Transformation options for sprites (scale, rotation, flip).
- NEW: Constant parameters for sprites. These parameters have the same values for all map sprites.
- Some other smaller changes.

v0.85 Beta

The first public release.